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"Don’t tell me what you invented. Tell me about who you changed." - Seth Godin

"Don’t tell me what you invented. Tell me about who you changed."

- Seth Godin

This is a great quote. Often people criticize the work of others for its academic worthiness, and its correctness within the context of what came before it. “This is such and such landmark recording.” But what we don’t get to see a lot about is the people who are actually changed by the music. Who are the people who stand in line to hear you play? Who are the people that tell all their friends to come listen to you? Who are the people that are changed by your music?

In the end, if your music makes other people’s lives better, does it really matter how correct it is?

You can read Seth’s post here.

It’s the art and the insight and the bravery of VALUE CREATION that are rewarded
Seth Godin, from his book Linchpin.

What’s your story?

If the average wine drinker can’t taste the difference between a $30 bottle of wine and a $100  bottle of wine, then what are people buying? According to Seth Godin and Dave Ramsey, they are buying the story they tell themselves about that bottle of wine. Maybe it’s the date night that you had with your wife. Maybe it’s the salesman that sold it to you. Maybe it’s the story of the brand. 

When the average jazz listener can no longer tell you apart from your favorite jazz hero, why will they listen to you? What story are you telling about your music that people can tell themselves? 

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